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Extra Virgin Oil And Chilli Pepper

For the realization of our chilli oil we use only Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained entirely from olives of the variety called “Nocellara del Belice” in Sicily.

This, together with our 100% Italian chilli pepper, allows us to produce an excellent dressing based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chilli entirely Made in Italy!


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Nocellara del Belice (Sicily) and chilli pepper.
  • Sold in 100ml bottles.
  • Seasoning obtained by cold infusion.
  • Bottles equipped with anti-refilling cap (compliant with legal provisions for catering).

This extraordinary condiment is able to flavour any type of dish, both raw and cooked, meeting the taste not only for palates more accustomed to chilli but also satisfying those less accustomed.

Chilli plants are ready!

Shipping will start from April 11th based on weather conditions.

Availability may vary every week based on plant growth.