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Whole Dried Chilli

Directly from our crops, the peppers are transferred to our laboratory to start the drying process.

These are the characteristics common to our dried chillies:

  • Mechanical drying at a temperature not exceeding 40°C (drying at low temperatures keeps the colour, aroma and spiciness unaltered);
  • Each pepper is opened into halves, even though it is then sold whole, this is in order to allow optimal drying even inside;
  • The seeds inside the peppers, thanks to drying, do not lose their fertility, allowing them to be planted.
  • 100% chilli pepper.
  • Net weight of each pepper is about 5g.
  • No pesticides are used for the production of Assopepper peppers.

Our dried chillies are ideal for flavouring oils, condiments and other preparations but also for simply using the seeds.

Chilli plants are ready!

Shipping will start from April 11th based on weather conditions.

Availability may vary every week based on plant growth.

Le piante di peperoncino saranno presto disponibili!

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