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About Us

Assopepper was founded in 2011 from the passion of the owner Massimo Utro for chilli

It is an agricultural enterprise in the form of a sole proprietor and consists of two different operational locations: the farm, located in the municipality of Altavilla Milicia (PA) and
the chilli pepper processing laboratory (with attached office, and dedicated space for sale) in the municipality of Palermo.

The farm is located in a hilly area, but only a few kilometres from the sea, a privileged position that allows the production of chilli peppers in an open field until December without the aid of greenhouses.

The plants in fact enjoy an exposure that exceeds 10 hours under the Sicilian sun, which allows even the most exotic varieties to grow and proliferate optimally.

We have always avoided the use of any herbicide or pesticide, preferring the use of mulching sheets for the control of weeds, trying to minimize the impact on the environment.

Every year we grow from 30 to 50 chilli pepper cultivars, which are sold fresh or transformed and
subsequently marketed.

In fact, Assopepper manages the entire production chain of chilli peppers, having access to an authorized laboratory for the processing and transformation of its products.

A short supply chain that guarantees very high quality by being able to manage all the processing stages of the chilli as well as the choice of all raw materials.

In fact, we have always paid particular attention to the choice of the products we process, which we choose 100% Italian, for example the local excellence of Nocellara della Valle del Belice extra virgin olive oil or Sicilian black bee honey.

The types of processing range from more traditional products such as chilli powder and chilli oil to more innovative products such as chilli creams and chilli honey.

Assopepper is always looking for innovative ideas able to satisfy the needs of chilli lovers but not only.

Chilli plants are ready!

Shipping will start from April 11th based on weather conditions.

Availability may vary every week based on plant growth.